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In recipe on July 25, 2010 at 1:35 pm

Vinete on bread

I don’t usually get to say this, but I don’t know where else you would find this recipe. I’ve never seen it anywhere else but my house. And I refuse to google and relieve my ignorance.

Little background – my dad is Hungarian, by way of a region nestled in Romania’s Carpathian mountains. You know it as Transylvania (ominous cackle). The dishes I love that he makes include chicken paprikash (and its vegetarian version,mushroom paprikash), sour cherry soup (this site has a recipe – I haven’t tried it, but the illustration is especially lovely), and vinete.

Vinete (I say “veenahtah”) is the Eastern European equivalent of baba ganoush. I LOVED this dish growing up (still do!). My dad would barbeque eggplants and make the dip, and I would eat it warm (though it is even more delicious cold).

A word of caution for readers nervous of being mocked: In 4th grade I moved to a new school in Los Angeles. My mom packed me a lunch including vinete and bread. The other kids cruelly made fun of my food, saying it looked like vomit. So watch out if you bring this to lunch around 9 year olds. They are cruel!

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