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Scalloped potatoes

In recipe on December 27, 2010 at 9:30 am

Christmas is over!

It was a pretty mellow couple of days (just the way I like ’em, I daresay). It has been raining in LA, which is front page news down here. (Just kidding. I know it’s been record rainfall landslides etc).

The food we ate was delicious. My mom is quite the cook, and I, despite complaining about the decadence of the holidays, requested this potato dish for Christmas Eve.

It definitely merits a warning label for sheer fattiness. No skimping here on the cream… or the cheese… or the butter.

But. It is phenomenally tasty.

Scalloped potatoes

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Green Bean & Blood Orange Salad

In recipe on December 30, 2009 at 11:35 am

My family came for the holidays this year, which meant I got to scuttle about and try to find new and exciting side dishes that do not take away from the staples (“You have to have mashed potatoes!” says my little brother, in quite real horror).

I sent my mom with the grocery list to our local produce behemoth, Berkeley Bowl. She came back frazzled and more than a little suspicious about her daughter’s tendencies towards gourmet “foodie-ism.”

“Three blood oranges? What on earth do you need blood oranges for?”

When I told her they were for the green bean dish, she rolled her eyes.

And yet! Come Christmas Day, when the food was all on the table, the green beans were the biggest hit. And I had my mom, the traditional cook admit, yes, in this case, zest was a good idea.

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