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Crustless spinach quiche

In recipe on April 14, 2010 at 6:57 am

I deeply enjoy cooking. I find it a relaxing task, and much more of a hobby than a chore.

Baking is another kettle of fish entirely. Bakers are the Marines of the culinary world: highly detailed and militant about their processes. A golden brown flakiness cannot be achieved with the right brand of butter, the proper amount of dough handling (I confess! I overmix!), the correct temperature of water, the wire racks at the right height, and a strict cooling procedure. THERE IS NO ROOM FOR ERROR.

Baking is far more permanent because it takes a while to figure out if you’ve made a mistake. Case in point: if I am sauteing mushrooms and they get dry, I can add something. Turn down the heat. I am part of the process. But with baking? Once you put that sucker in the oven, it’s on its own. And don’t you dare open the oven to peek because your concoction WILL suffer (I confess! I peek!).

Because of my fear of baking, I have no problem with store-bought pie crusts and phyllo dough. It’s like penicillin and indoor plumbing – a confirmed perk of modernity!

My dear friend J., however is a baker. And her eyes get wide with shock when I admit my weakness.

So when J. came to dinner, I found this recipe. A crust-less quiche! Crisis and judgment, averted. I can still hold my head up with pride. Read the rest of this entry »