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Niçoise salad

In recipe on April 19, 2010 at 7:36 am

Niçoise salad

OH boy. Some weather goddess blessed us this weekend, took her a righteous sword of seasonal weather against the perils of global warming and favored the Bay Area with sunshine and blue skies, blossoms and baby birds, and all around loveliness.

It’s so… poetic. I hate poetry, and Middle English, but it reminds me of the Prologue of the Canterbury Tales (which I was forced to memorize and, along with early Britney Spears lyrics, have never forgotten).

Ahem. I digress. Spring is also a good time for food. Therefore it’s a great time for a Nicoise Salad. Easy, classy, fresh and just plain tasty, it is, in the immortal words of my salad-hating roommate, “The best kind of salad: no lettuce.” Read the rest of this entry »