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Broccoli & mushroom lasagna

In recipe on April 27, 2010 at 6:05 pm

There are certain signifiers in life that really signify adulthood: driver’s license, gambling, voting, drinking, and the ability to rent a car for less money (really a let down, turning 26). But there are also little moments, subtle indicators based on your own memory, when you look down and realize, “Oh shit. I’m a bill paying, census-counted, no-longer MTV-courted ADULT.”

Let me illustrate with an example. My mom has always been a very hands-on cook, and being able to use a knife as fearlessly as she did also seemed to be a far-off, grown-up thing. “I could never do that,” I’d say to myself (note: this also managed to get me out some chores in the kitchen.)

One day recently I was washing some strawberries, and was slicing them quite thoughtlessly, cutting the stem off against my thumb–when all of a sudden I realized that I, too, was now cutting in that same way that had impressed me so much as a kid. I had conquered that kitchen knife. I was no longer scared. And I, unquestioningly, was very ADULT.

This dish somehow seems very ADULT to me. It’s easy, it smacks of sensible Mom (coming via Real Simple, that makes sense), and it also very delicious.

Enjoy with a glass (or two) of wine and relish in your adulthood.

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