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Black bean hummus

In recipe on March 23, 2010 at 5:48 pm

So Mark Bittman (author of 1 of my favorite cookbooks, How to Cook Everything Vegetarian), writes for the NY Food Section. His way of cooking is always always 5 steps longer than I want it to be, but I’ve come to trust his judgment. Homemade veggie stock? Worth it. DIY salad dressing? Hands down, amazing.

But BEANS. How I have struggled with beans. This blog originally started “semi-veg,” and I still try to cook mostly meat-free, so I use beans pretty frequently. Mr. Bittman insists that cooking beans the long way (i.e. not open-and-dump) is worth it. I have cooked beans at home: black, kidney, and Great Northern.

I remain unconvinced. IF I manage to remember to soak the beans before I leave for work, then let them cook for approximately an hour and a half – yes, it works out really well. But if you’re already home, staring at a pack of dry, feelingless legumes, let’s just say that a can looks a lot more friendly.

Last Friday, I was golden: remembered to soak the beans all day, then came home, drained and cooked them for a delicious veggie taco recipe (which I should totally write about). But now I have half a pot of black beans sitting in the fridge, and I am determined to use them. But what?

How about some black bean hummus?

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