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Grilled cheese with fig jam & pear

In recipe on April 3, 2010 at 8:04 am

There are few things that even the most basic cook can make with confidence. Usually, microwaveable meals from Trader Joe’s top that list, but there would typically be toast. MAYBE scrambled eggs. And definitely a grilled cheese.

Grilled cheese is fast and delicious, and beloved by (most) fussy children. I know I made a lot when I was baby-sitting (that and mac & cheese. Are picky eaters soothed by the color orange? Discuss).

But a grilled cheese sandwich may also become a more sophisticated version of itself. (Like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman? Maybe.) I love the sweet of the fig and pear with the savory of the cheese and ham.

I found this recipe in Fitness magazine, which assured me that it was “guilt free” and, no matter how much I veer off from their recipe, I’m going to promote it as such. Here it is! Your classy, adult, wine-drinking, New Yorker reading, grilled cheese. Read the rest of this entry »