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Deviled eggs

In recipe on July 14, 2010 at 7:52 pm

Serve at your next bingo night!Have you ever had a signature anything? I’ve always dreamed of having a signature song, something that would play when I dance into rooms. I was thinking something like this. Or maybe a signature cocktail? Classy, yet simple? Something the bartender at your local watering hole could have ready by the time you’ve waltzed in from the door?

Tragically, I have none of those things. I do, however, have a signature party food. I brought a platter of it to a work event recently and my (older) co-worker exclaimed, “Didja bring this from the bingo church luncheon?”

I’ve never been to a bingo church luncheon but I get the gist. Deviled eggs are retro. They could be served next to Jell-O salad and nobody would blink an eye.

Their kitsch factor does not diminish their deliciousness. Prepare, serve, and you too can have your friends lining up at your dining room table.

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