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Ice Tea Classic (aka your new Favorite Drink)

In recipe on October 2, 2009 at 8:45 am

Gah, I totally got behind on my writing schedule. I meant to post this while it was still summer and hot and barbecue time. Still if you have any Indian summer weather, want a new Favorite Drink, or just want a tasty cocktail in your repertoire, read on.

This has been my go-to party drink for many years now. Friends rave about it, request it specially. Men have proposed marriage to me because of this drink. (Two of the former things are true).

Really, it’s just It’s all you could look for in a beverage: tasty, boozy, and classy. It also makes you look like a mixology master cause you know how to steep.

A note about prep: yup, it’s worth it. I know that there are some Sweet Tea Vodkas on the market, and it should be totally possible to replace the infused vodka with the pre-flavored kind. I will note though, that then I cannot declare that this incarnation would  be your New Favorite Drink. Read the rest of this entry »