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Argentine BBQ Lentil Stew

In recipe on October 8, 2009 at 9:11 pm

Braggy time: I’m leaving for a trip to Argentina in less than a month! Pretty darn exciting, right? I’ve never been before, which means that I can’t speak to the authenticity of this All Recipes Argentine Lentil Stew recipe.

I have made this dish for years now, but I never really understood what made it Argentinian. BBQ sauce seems like a strictly US of A phenom, but this recipe suggests otherwise. Yet while doing some Lonely Planet research I learned about the gauchos (basically a South American cowboy) and immediately I thought of this recipe, because it suddenly made sense: OF COURSE. Cowboys know the truth: bbq sauce makes dang near everything taste better.

You probably have the bare bones recipe of the recipe (apples, lentils, onions) in your kitchen right now. I’ve skipped the peas, tomatoes, and carrots to no ill effect, and thrown in some celery and red pepper if I had it. I bet a little chili pepper would go well too.

As a side note, it makes a boatload of food so serve it to a crowd or get ready for leftovers. Try it with mashed potatoes, or even better, cornbread. You could even eat it out of a tin cup if it helps you keep up your cowboy fantasy.


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