Weekly round up

In Uncategorized on October 12, 2010 at 7:10 am

Mushroom lasagne

Let’s try something new – a weekly round-up of cooking news and such.
  • I made this delicious, creamy mushroom lasagne (see pic!), courtesy of Smitten Kitchen (courtesy Ina Garten). It was delish, though I ended up with some excess bechamel sauce. It was just a little too rich for a weeknight, but for a special occasion? Perfect.

Interesting article from a local cocktail blog about the plethora of fancy pants drinks you see now-a-days. I went to a place recently where I only understood 2 of the 8 ingredients in each cocktail. Doesn’t make it less delicious or enjoyable, but not always necessary.

Last weekend I went to Ukiah to visit some homesteading friends. My dear friend, an ace baker, whipped up this apple cider pie in the middle of the wilderness. It was amazing, and made me feel guilty for not baking more, especially as I have the benefits of civilization to help me out.


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